PGP in Management vs. PGP in Leadership

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PGP in Management vs. PGP in Leadership


A lot of young guns out there who desperately want to pursue their post-graduation course are muddled about the field they want to gain expertise in. Also, educational institutions are coming up with innovative courses to mold the student into a ‘master of all trades’. The School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL) is one such institution that has created a groundbreaking and efficient module to train their students. PGP in Leadership – a course that is similar to management but with a cherry on top. Now all of you confused humanoids must be thinking, is this course genuine? Is it related to marketing? Will it make me a better marketer? Stop overthinking and just continue reading ahead, I will give you a thorough understanding of both.

PGP in Management

This course is a 2 year, full time course in management that teaches the students all about business and management. The course enables you to take on bigger roles and responsibilities in an organization, the module may or may not have internships or summer projects in between the 2 years. The faculty will inculcate teachings that will allow the students to take on the increasingly complex and dynamic global marketing scenario.

PGP in Leadership

This is a one year PGP full time course that churns out leaders every year. The idea of producing post graduates after completing a PG course is eliminated by SOIL. Their focus is to produce leaders, front runners of the global marketing scenario. Subjects in this course are crafted accordingly and the students are trained in the skills, knowledge and values to be a leader. There is a mandatory internship phase, a mentorship module and a Social innovation program in this leadership program.

So now that you’ve an idea about both, hopefully it will be easy to make a decision. For me it will be the PGP in Leadership because of two reasons – firstly, you save on time as it’s a one year MBA course and secondly, as the course clearly mentions it is about creating leaders, so why settle for anything less?

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