HR Leadership Business Program at SOIL

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HR Leadership Business Program at SOIL


What is a Post-Graduation Program (PGP) degree?

For the people who are confused about a PGP degree, the explanation is quite simple. A PGP degree is offered by educational institutes that are not associated with any university and are autonomous. So esteemed educational institutes that rank among the best in the globe like IIM, SOIL and XLRIs offer PGDM and PGP courses that are parallel to an MBA degree.

It’s a Master’s degree and has abundant lucrative job opportunities. As an aspiring post graduate candidate many may wonder if this is better than an MBA course, before that you have to crack the entrance exam and believe me it’s not easy. These educational institutes have a reputation of recruiting the finest students out there and companies do recognize this. While applying for a job if the resume of the individual state that he has passed out from an esteemed Autonomous institute with a PGDM/PGP degree it greatly increases his chances of getting recruited, given that he has good grades too.

PGP in HR Leadership at SOIL

The School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL) offers PGP in HR Leadership, this program falls under the one year MBA course and is sought after in the corporate world. To comprehend this program, you must understand the field of Human Resources (HR) first.

What do HR professionals do?

The work of a Marketing Director of a corporation is to get the business to the company, the job of the CEO is to make the company profitable and successful and the occupation of a HR manager is to confirm that things are functioning smoothly in the corporation and making sure that each and every employee is content with the way the company functions.

HR management courses from SOIL will train you in the nitty-gritties of HR, right from the basics to the advanced level by skilled and experienced professors. The program will embed skills in the candidate that are particularly focused on by recruiters during placements. If you want to pursue a career that requires to interact with people and resolve their conflicts and also handle paperwork, then HR is the right profession for you. An HR leadership development program from SOIL will mold you into the proficient professional you want to be.

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