Personal Skills Requirement to pursue MBA in Finance

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Personal Skills Requirement to pursue MBA in Finance


An MBA is a course pursued by many, but several of the candidates are just forced into it. It maybe parental pressure or you just want to join the bandwagon, whatever the case, an MBA degree is not to be fooled with, it’s a pretty comprehensive and disciplined course and if pursued with dedication can land you some of the best jobs in the world. So if you truly want to pursue an MBA then, and only then go for it, otherwise you’re wasting time and money.

For the uninitiated, there are several types of MBA courses, majorly 4 specialized fields – Marketing, IT, HR and Finance and in this article we will focus on the latter, that is Finance. As everyone is aware that any enterprise or business thrives on finance, and an employee who is good with numbers and can take financial decisions comfortably gets the top spot in the hierarchy of job positions. But, the interest to be a ‘numbersmith’ should be there from the beginning, you must have a liking towards economics, stock markets, accounting, balance sheets etc. If there’s not even a slight inclination towards these, then the teachings in the course will be boring for you, resulting in bad grades.

There are certain set of personal skills required before enrolling for a financial postgraduate degree. Firstly, you should be good if not great with calculations and numbers, secondly, you should have a good knowledge about stock markets, accounting etc. thirdly, you should be inclined towards reading the Economic times or any such newspapers or magazines.

So if you got what it takes then go ahead and apply for a MBA in Finance degree. Several educational institutions in India offer a one year MBA degree also known as an Executive MBA. If you’ve 2-5 years of work experience then you can opt for the one year course and save on time. Or else, you can enroll for a Business leadership program offered by very few reputed institutions, this program is a specialized course and will inculcate all the teachings from the major fields like Finance, Marketing, HR and IT.

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