Which College To Choose For Executive MBA?

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Which College To Choose For Executive MBA?


It is a well-known fact that students prefer a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree not just to supplement their graduation but also to get a hike in pay packages. Students don’t mind a complete career shift after getting a degree in MBA which helps them pursue their goals. It is, therefore, very important for you to take a sensible and well informed decision when choosing an MBA college.

Choosing the best institution for an Executive MBA may seem like a difficult task. However, the B-school rankings may look like a lifesaver. There are multiple sources such as journals and other publications that conduct comprehensive surveys. These surveys rank the colleges offering MBA programs. However, it is likely that each publication will provide different ranking based on their surveys. Which means, there is not perfect way to determine the best college to go for an MBA program.

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Almost all aspiring MBA students consider the reputation of their future college. The brand name and recognition of the college is the main factor considered while choosing a business program. Ranking, to a huge extent helps in measuring the reputation of the college. The ranking surveys conducted by experts consider various factors while determining the top MBA colleges in India. Some of the factors considered include average alumni salary after graduating, and the same after a few years of graduation. The placement scenario, career progress, and goal accomplishments also play a very important role in determining the rankings. Many of the aforementioned features can be availed in Delhi & NCR regions where a plethora of job opportunities are on offer. This attracts many students & professionals as they look forward to pursuing their MBA in Delhi from one of the top colleges.

Can Rankings Be Helpful?

Never join an MBA programs simply on the basis of impressive rankings that it attained from media or other publications. Rankings are indeed an important factor to consider, however they’ve turned it into an essential shortcut in a world where there are many other colleges offering executive MBA programs in India. It gets difficult for a prospective MBA student to sift through enormous amount of information available and choose the best institution offering the best MBA program. Considering other factors such as location of the institution, fee structure, top recruiters, and its overall contribution to the students’ future are always helpful.

Although recruiters do consider the ranking of the institution of the college you graduated from, more importance is given to your academic performance, knowledge, and test scores.

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