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One Year PGP in India

One Year PGP in India

  • What is a One Year PGP Course?

For the masses who are muddled about a PGP degree, the answer is pretty simple. A one year PG or a one year Post Graduation Program is a degree offered by institutes which are not affiliated to any university and are autonomous. So reputed institutes that rank among the best in the world like IIM, XLRIs offers one year programs and PGDM courses that are parallel to an MBA degree. It’s a Master’s degree and has great job opportunities worldwide.

  • Significance of a One Year PGP Course -

As a student many may wonder if this is better than a MBA course, well firstly to get an admission into a one year PGP or a PGDM course is not easy as these courses are only crafted in autonomous institutes. These institutes have a reputation of recruiting the best students out there and companies do recognize this. While applying for a job if an individual has passed out from an Autonomous institute with a one year PG program, it directly increases his / her chances of getting recruited, given that he has good grades too.

Another reason why this degree is very significant to one's career is the fact that it spans over just one year & hence it is favored by many aspirants looking for a degree giving them the required boost as well as letting them resume their jobs after studying for a year.

  • Specializations in a One Year PGP -

There are one year degrees in Finance, Marketing, IT, HR and many more and each of these are 1 year post graduate courses in India. The time duration of both, executive MBA and a PGP degree are the same, but they both are not similar. A one year PGP in any of the streams mentioned above will help you significantly in learning the current industry trends and is a good bargain because of its duration of one year.

Also, pursuing a one year degree in varied streams will provide the much required versatility to your profile & will indeed help increase your chances in occupying jobs in the best companies out there.

  • One Year PGP vs Traditional MBA-

The one year PG courses are industry-oriented whereas an MBA is more of theoretical knowledge. Nevertheless it all depends on the faculty and the institute you’re completing your course from. This course is great for professionals who don’t want to waste much time and complete a degree within a year. The course irrespective of the field you choose, will hone your existing skill-set and you will be able to master several responsibilities.

Apart from that, a one year pgp also provides with great opportunities for better job postings and challenging responsibilities.

  • One Year PGP by SOIL -

The one year PG courses offered by the School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL) are industry-specific and are dedicated to develop the essential leadership qualities among the candidates who enroll with us. These courses provide the much needed exposure to industry, which is unparalleled among all the B-schools in the country.

These courses cater to the aspirants looking for a quick PG course which will help them occupy higher positions in the companies out there & with SOIL's one year PGP course, they get exactly what they are looking for.

The curriculum for our one year PGP courses are carefully designed keeping in mind the current industry demands and standards. Also, it is updated from time to time to meet the industry expectations and trends in order to create business leaders. The philosophy behind such a curriculum is not to be restricted to only knowledge & theory but should be practiced and cascaded into a way of thinking & learning.

So if you are looking to enroll in a one year PGP course or any other post graduation courses in Delhi, do read this article for reference & start preparing for GMAT to get into a reputed institution.

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