One Year MBA: The Safer Option

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One Year MBA: The Safer Option


Management studies are extremely popular with post-graduate students across the country. Most candidates apply for the traditional two-year MBA programs in large numbers, but there has been a change in trends over the past few years, with increasing numbers of applicants opting for full-time MBA programs in India. This option is especially popular with working professionals who have significant work experience.

This said, many MBA aspirants continue to remain indecisive when it comes to choosing between a two-year program and a 1 year program. The relative novelty of the course means that not many are aware of the differences between the two courses or the benefits of the 1 year program.

Here are some reasons why you should apply for a one year executive MBA in India and how it can prove to be beneficial for you.

  • Expertise in a Specific Field

As a working professional, you would have undoubtedly gained experience in several areas of business. However, it may not be possible to have in-depth knowledge of a particular field. In a one year management program, you learn to deal with real life business situations that would arise if you took on a leadership role. This gives you a new insight and greater expertise in your field.

  • Long-Term Returns

Enrolling in a one year executive MBA in India is more a matter of choice than an obligation. While not having an MBA degree may not hinder your career, graduating as an MBA will definitely boost your professional life. An MBA program is essentially an investment that will provide ample returns in the long run.

  • Accelerate Your Existing Career

After working for several years in a corporate job profile, your career path may be in danger of stagnation. As your professional skill set is limited it leaves little room for growth. The one year program helps you acquire new and improved skills that will surely boost your career.

  • Professional Stability

The higher the post you hold, the more secure your job is. Getting an executive MBA degree will certainly help you acquire executive roles in your firm. As these positions are crucial to the firm, you are assured of stable employment.

  • Better Employment Opportunities

If you wish to switch to another job too, one year MBA programs can be beneficial, as candidates with the added qualification are given greater consideration for high paying executive jobs.

If you are a working professional who is looking to climb the corporate ladder, you should consider these benefits and consider enrolling in a one year executive MBA in India.

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