One Year MBA: Pros and Cons

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One Year MBA: Pros and Cons


A dilemma faced by many students and professionals nowadays is about higher education, especially about MBA. Regardless of your education background, any graduate from a recognized university can enroll for a MBA course. But, the problem arises when you have to decide on a two-year or a one-year course.

The following passage is aimed at giving you a comprehensive view about the one year MBA course, it features the pros and cons of the course and whether you should opt one or not.

The most obvious benefit of enrolling in this course is its duration. For a working professional there is nothing better than this because even as they are investing time and money in this, they can get back to their respective careers quickly. Also, the professionals who quit their job to pursue the one year executive MBA programs in India have to pay a relatively lower amount of tuition fees.

This will result in a smaller debt after post-graduation studies, which you will be able to pay back quickly. Another advantage of this course is that the shorter duration is the smart thing to opt for when the demand for graduates are not high in the market.

An executive MBA saves time and lets you resume your previous office when the job hunting field is not all that great.

The most important con of this course is that just a  year sometimes feels inadequate to learn everything about MBA. This concern was also raised by many professors as they feel there is much more to learn and one year is not enough.

Another point is that employers prefer the graduates for two year MBA courses as they feel they have in depth knowledge. Also, there are mostly fewer amounts of placement opportunities for one year PGP courses compared to the two year one.

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