One Year MBA Programs in India: The Better Option for You?

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One Year MBA Programs in India: The Better Option for You?


One hardly needs any evidence to demonstrate the popularity of MBA programs in India. However, in recent years, some new trends have emerged within this field. Applicants are increasingly veering towards one year full-time programs rather than the traditional two-year programs.

A one year pg program certainly seems more practical. You will acquire the same knowledge and skill-set as you would in a two-year program, but faster. It allows candidates a more cost-effective and time-saving alternative.

Yet, as with any academic curriculum, while it may be ideal for some candidates, it may not fit the needs of others. Here’s what you may gain and lose in a one year MBA programs in India.

The Benefits of One Year MBA -

  • As mentioned earlier, one of the positives of one year MBA programs is the reduced opportunity cost in terms of time and money. Enrolled in an intensive course, you learn the same as you would in a two-year curriculum. What’s more, you save on a year’s worth of educational expenses.
  • One year MBA candidates are required to have a certain amount of work experience, as opposed aspirants to traditional MBA courses in India. Consequently, they are eligible for executive and leadership positions after completion of MBA, and naturally higher payments.
  • The one year PGP courses are offered by the top most institutes and B-Schools in India. Some of these have also been highly rated in the prestigious rankings of the Financial Times, London. Enrolling in the course offers great exposure and opportunities.

Drawbacks of One Year MBA -

  • Due to the shorter duration, the mandatory summer internship in the two-year course is excluded in a one-year program. Candidates may lose out on experimenting with a new position or arena.
  • With a shorter length of time and smaller sized classes, one year MBA programs often limits the scope for interdisciplinary interaction.
  • A relatively novel concept, compared to the well established two year post-graduate program, the one year program is not widely available across India. With only a few institutes offering the curriculum, it may be far more competitive.

Whether the one year MBA is better-suited to you depends on your professional and academic preferences. You should opt for the course if you possess work experience of 5 years or more and are looking to enhance your managerial skill sets. However, if you are just starting out in the corporate world, you may choose from the two-year MBA courses in India.

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