Motivating others and spreading smiles

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Motivating others and spreading smiles


Mrs. Anuradha Balamurugan is someone who is very humble, very kind at heart, very emotional and yet a great leader.

She completed her post graduation in rehabilitation science from south India and then she came to visit Delhi. She was already teaching before she came here. Her focus was to become a special educator for which she did a training. She joined AADI in 1994 as a social worker. It was a major change in her profile but it was a very interesting profile under the same framework of educating others. She was very happy that she was able to create impact in so many people’s life. After serving for 2 years she took a break for 4 years to take care of her daughter and joined back in 2000. AADI was very supportive in understanding her family responsibilities and gave full support to her.

It was a major change for her to come from south to north and language has been the biggest barrier for her. It was the first time she had come out of her home. She was very skeptical initially as to how would she teach and understand if language would be a barrier for her. At AADI she faced lot of problem while interacting with the families of the people with disability. Though she was able to understand but was not able to communicate back to them. Though initially she took help from the colleagues but it was her dedication towards her work that today she communicates in Hindi.

She was involved in the home management activities which involved interactions with very young children and their families, assisting them with medical facilities available, parent trainings and workshops where doctors were invited to interact with the parents. Throughout her journey she has interacted with young children as well as adults and has realized how different their needs are. After working for so many years with families and doctors and now she can speak for the rights of the people with disability.

She enjoys each and every day at AADI, she can express herself freely as there is no hierarchy and nobody needs to take permission to speak if the person thinks something is not happening the right way. She believes that results automatically come when people are so supportive and your goals align with your organizations goals.

AADI is one place for her where she has made very strong and honest relationships. Whether she was working in the special school or the inclusive school she has treated each and every student as her own child. Children might grow up or leave AADI as an organization, but she makes sure she is in touch with all of them. She believes the relations never end. She has taught them in their childhood, interacted with their families and now when some of them have become adults, she has taken this responsibility of getting them employed and making them independent.

Every day is a great learning for her. Working closely with people with disability every day, she gets to observe how in spite of their daily struggles, they are still so positive in their outlook towards life. This is something which she has inculcated in her life and wants everyone else to do.

Swati Chhabra

​BLP 2015

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