Memories from your MBA days that will always stay with you

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Memories from your MBA days that will always stay with you


If you’re burdened with studies, submission of assignments, scribbling notes on your journal and honing your presentation skills then welcome to the MBA course. Sleep deprivation due to partying all night or studying for your end terms, doesn’t matter managing time through this entire roller coaster ride is what matters. But however good or bad or worse you think this MBA degree is, the memories are going to be cherished forever. 20 years down the line when you will be older but richer, buying a BMW or a new sea-facing plot won’t be an issue, but reconciling with the old MBA buddies, the professors, other staff will be an unmanageable task. Are tears rolling down your face? Not yet? Following are some moments that will be missed after you complete MBA –

  • Energy

Remember the times when you used to pull 3-4 all nighters just to study for your end terms? Or go on a drinking binge and party for 2 days straight? Those moments are going to be missed; now you’re in your 40s, all rich and successful but lack of sleep for you can be a gateway to several ailments. It’s the time you realize that aging has drained most of the energy and those MBA days were more than just a degree.

  • Friends

Who on earth can survive without them, let alone MBA students? These are those humanoids that you credit for all the awesome (and embarrassing) moments that you lived during the one year MBA days. But after the course you all stepped out in different directions trying to conquer the world and never looked back. It’s only years later that those nostalgic moments strike a chord in your heart and you miss those annoying brats immensely.

  • Professors

Not all of them, but there were certain professors who have left an everlasting mark in your lives. These are the one for whose lectures you used to wait with baited breath. The way of their teaching, style, charisma and many more used to attract you towards attending their lecture. Some of them used to be your mentors and have guided you through difficult paths in your executive MBA course. 10-20 years later you still need their guidance but they are not around and just their memory remains.

A one year executive MBA course is not only about studies, it’s about bonds and memories. You will acquire academic knowledge, but overtime the writing material will fade away. You will complete the course in one year but the memories will remain forever.

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