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MBAs are more than just a career launchpad

MBAs are more than just a career launchpad


Have you ever wondered whether doing an MBA is worth it? Have you ever thought about what the value of an MBA is in today’s market?

Most people these days believe that one of the most compelling reasons to do an MBA is to climb the corporate ladder. However, the rewards associated with doing an MBA are more substantial than merely launching your career. An MBA can obviously help you advance in your career, but it can also help you build a network, develop leadership skills, and even make a difference in the world.

The skills you learn in an MBA program will serve you for life, and not just for business.

Some of the benefits of doing an MBA are as follows:

Membership in a Learning Community and Access to an Alumni Network

MBA students often learn as much from their peers as they do from faculty. The people that you would be studying with during the course of the MBA will also become your fellow alumni, and access to that network will prove to be highly valuable as you navigate the vicissitudes of your career.

Opportunity to interact with Subject Matter Experts

To succeed in your career, you're going to likely have to find and nurture at least a couple of good mentor relationships.  At B-School, you'll get the opportunity to interact and build relationships, with professors who are experts in their areas, and make the most of learning all you can from them.

Enabling you to help positively shape the future of the world

MBA schools are actively seeking people who aren’t simply ambitious in business, but who have a vision and a desire to make a difference. On top of that, research suggests that MBA programs are attracting more people who aren’t necessarily even looking to apply the skills in the business context. For example, you may become leaders in public administration or non-governmental groups that wish to apply the rigors of a business education to these fields.

Learning Life Skills

The various challenges you face while doing an MBA - heavy workload, tight timelines, difficulty in finding the right job - enable you to learn life skills such as resilience, patience and persistence. It also gives you a stronger sense of awareness of your strengths, weaknesses and motivations.

Development of Essential Soft Skills

B-schools give students plenty of opportunities to develop essential soft-skills such as communication skills, emotional intelligence, negotiation skills, innovation, collaboration and decision making through case study analysis and presentations, projects, role plays and other such methods.