MBA – The Preferred Post Graduation Degree in India

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MBA – The Preferred Post Graduation Degree in India


The Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree remains one of the most popular professional degrees in the world. Apart from marketing and finance, you may pursue it to boost your career in sectors like healthcare, finance, and human resource.

About MBA

An increase in the demand for qualified professionals has led many educational institutions to offer part-time and online MBA courses along with one-year Executive MBA (EMBA) programs. EMBAs are pursued by professionals who may be unable to dedicate two years to a full-time MBA degree.

Generally, all of the MBA programs have a few core subjects like marketing or economics and also include certain elective subjects which may be used by the students to enhance their skills in a preferred sector.

MBA and India

An MBA in India is very popular with New Delhi being the most preferred city to pursue this degree. Compared to fresh graduates, a higher number of working professionals in India choose to pursue this degree.

All top institutes offering 1 year full-time MBA in India train students to hone their skills, and enable them to become qualified for high-profile jobs. MBA colleges in Delhi witness a record number of students with every passing year since MBA degrees have now become essential. Many individuals pursuing this degree believe that it will not only help them receive better job opportunities but also a better lifestyle.

MBA colleges in Gurgaon offer individuals a plethora of options in terms of specialization and help students understand management skills, business strategies, and prepare them to excel across industries.

Trends, Opportunities, and Scope

Out of all the specializations, MBA in Finance rank the highest in terms of  popularity owing to the individuals wanting to enter the banking and financial sectors  in the country. Apart from MBA in Finance, the other most preferred specializations include human resource management and marketing.

According to a QS Jobs & Salary Trends Report, the opportunities for MBA graduates in India continue to rise despite the downward trends observed worldwide.

One year MBA in India is very popular as it ranks in the top 5 countries preferred by applicants, owing to its quality of education and affordability. The need for qualified professionals is on the rise and an MBA will not only help them stand apart in terms of their portfolio, but also enable their seamless integration into corporate roles.

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