MBA Programs to Consider After Work Experience

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MBA Programs to Consider After Work Experience


Going back to the classroom for formal coaching in business administration after working on a full-time basis for four to five years can be a difficult decision. Unlike a student who has nothing to lose, an experienced individual can lose a lot by taking a break at the wrong time or by joining the wrong MBA programs. Hence, it is important to compare all options and choose the right course.

Option 1: Executive MBA Course

This is a part-time MBA course designed for experienced employees. The Executive MBA course allows you to acquire your MBA degree without quitting your work. However, it is important to note that these courses are designed to help middle-management employees make the transition into upper management positions.

While institutions may allow you to apply for such courses with just four or five years of experience, it is advisable to have more than 10 years of experience to truly benefit from such a course. Further, these courses can be very expensive, especially if your employer is not backing or sponsoring your studies.

Option 2: One year MBA Course

This is a condensed course that can be completed in a span of just 12 to 15 months. With a comprehensive curriculum that covers all aspects and facets of a conventional degree, the one year MBA course is now being offered by many reputed institutions in India.

Choosing a course like the one we offer can help you enjoy exposure to foreign learning as well.Unlike the conventional MBA course, this degree is designed for those with four to five years of experience. Apart from providing more value as compared to an executive MBA degree, this course is significantly cheaper as well.

Instead of studying in a class where most students have more than 10 years of experience, you will be working and coordinating with a group with similar work experience. This makes the one year MBA course an attractive proposition for those seeking to expand their professional network by building contacts with ambitious peers.


The conventional MBA degree is totally unsuitable for an individual with years of work experience. Among the two options designed for experienced employees seeking additional qualification, we advice candidates with four to five years of experience to opt for the one year MBA course.

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