MBA: Personal Interview & GD Tips

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MBA: Personal Interview & GD Tips


The 2 monsters that you’ve to battle and triumph prior to getting admission in any business school are the group discussion (GD) and personal interview (PI) round. If you thought preparing for the entrance exam was the worst then you’re highly mistaken. GD and personal interview makes the entrance exam look like cherry pie dipped in maple syrup because in GD there are about 5-10 candidates who are hell bent on outperforming you. The personal interview depends upon the characteristic of the interviewer, he/she may be intimidating or lenient but we can’t leave it to fate and rather be prepared for the worst. Following are tips and tricks on how to excel in your GD and personal interview session.

Group Discussion

A room filled with your competitors and most of them probably have more brains than you, so how do you stand your ground here? Read below.

  • Do be ready with a 20 seconder introduction that covers – your name, your residence, last degree you got and the name of the university you got it from.
  • Do not address the moderator but only the group members, once the GD starts the moderator should be invisible to you.
  • Be crisp and concise in your communication.
  • Ensure that you actively participate in the GD and comment at least 5-6 times in a 20 minute GD round.
  • Carry a pen and a notepad.
  • Do not prove the other members wrong, there are no brownie points for that. Just make your point and move on.
  • Eye contact with group members is imperative.

Personal Interview

You must be aware of the basic etiquettes like neat formal dressing (that means formal shoes too and not sports shoes on a shirt and a trouser) and also be on time, they are not going to entertain you if you’re late.

  • Be prepared with the ‘Must know’ questions, these revolve around your career, ambitions, life and of course ‘Why MBA?’
  • The interviewer will check your confidence level by noticing your body language, your speech and fluency. Don’t be over confident as that may negate your points.
  • Honesty is the best policy and it works wonders in the PI round, don’t lie as you may not be able to back it up, be truthful as it works the best.

Also know how to tackle MBA interviews with ease.

Follow the aforementioned tips and tricks to excel in your GD and PI, these tips work irrespective of a one year MBA, executive MBA, 2 year full time MBA or a part time 3 year MBA.

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