MBA Internships: Here’s everything that you should know

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MBA Internships: Here’s everything that you should know


The word ‘internship’ paints a picture of an over-worked humanoid serving coffee to all the higher ups in the office. Yes, the image that pops in our head is not a pretty one because interns are often mistreated and overworked in the office, they are considered as an inferior species meant to serve a menial purpose. So when MBA institutions offer internships during their course a very similar image pops in our mind. Well, I’m glad to break this bubble and inform that MBA internships don’t fall under the stereotypical category of internships. It serves the true purpose where a student enters as a trainee and exits as an experienced prodigy.

  • Related to the Major

MBA organizations will hand you internships of only those fields that are related to your studies. These will be beneficial for the student as he gets to experience the workings practically and also gets to put in his inputs.

  • Part of leadership programs

Internships are mandatory for leadership programs; these are 1 year full time MBA in India. Top colleges like IIMs, SOIL, XLRI and ISB provide with these executive MBA courses. Internships are a part of Leadership programs and assist in the development of the student. Entrepreneurial studies coupled with practical knowledge and industrial experience makes it a lethal combination for the student to excel in the global business market.

  • Boosts confidence

There’s also a psychological advantage of internships, instead of being shy and timid, an internship empowers you to be bold and take calculated risks while approaching a problem.

  • Experience counts

Internships are counted as experience and will come handy while applying for a job. Often candidates are denied because of lack of experience and over here you will have the added advantage.

Make sure that you enroll in a reputed organization, like for an MBA in Hyderabad you can apply for ISB or for a one year MBA in Delhi, there’s SOIL. If you want to save on time and get done with the course swiftly, then there are several reputed educational institutions that offer a one year executive MBA in India. So, what are you waiting for, embark on this journey and taste success immediately!

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