MBA in India vs. MBA Abroad?

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MBA in India vs. MBA Abroad?


We Indians are fascinated with imported stuff, anything that originates from outside of the nation is considered classy and sophisticated. Like apples for instance, the ones grown in India don’t sell much but the apples that have a sticker on it saying ‘Imported’ sell like hot cakes. The point I’m trying to make is that India is no less than any other country in the world and this also applies while going for an MBA degree. Every MBA aspirant is muddled about pursuing the degree in India or abroad, some people suggest going abroad while some patriots recommend doing it here. So the million dollar (or rupees) question is where to get that business degree from? India or abroad?

  • All about perspective

There are reputed institutes in India as well as abroad, we have the ISBs, IIMs, SOIL and the likes here while there are top notch Ivy League colleges abroad. Do you picture yourself working abroad in a couple of years? If yes, then the gateway to that will be doing your MBA overseas. If no, then India is your best bet, as a growing nation, India offers some of the best jobs in the marketing field.

  • Money matters

An imperative aspect is money, if you want to go abroad then prepare to shell out a lot of money. Either you should be filthy rich or apply for a student loan, if you’re not a descendant of the Ambanis or Birlas then a student loan is your only option. Be prepared to loan a large amount of money and keep paying it back in hefty installments (read: interest) for several years after your MBA is completed. An MBA in India will cost you a lot less and even if you opt for a loan, it can be easily paid back in a couple of years.

  • Illustrious job opportunities

It’s without a doubt that you will be getting high-paying jobs if you pursue an MBA from any of the Ivy League colleges but anything below that and everything will crumble – pay package, dream job, hope everything, and worst is that you will have to come back to India and work and pay back the hefty student loan. A one year MBA in India from reputed colleges assures you great job opportunities through campus placements and you don’t have to worry much about the loan as it will be easily handled.

My money goes for a one year MBA in India, but that’s just an opinion, you can do more research and make an informative decision. Browse the brochures and catalogs of various business schools in India and abroad, this will assist you further in your decision.

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