Types of MBA Courses in India

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Types of MBA Courses in India


The two year MBA courses are the preferred option for students seeking a post-graduate degree in business administration to round off their education. However, these are not the only type of MBA courses in India. Working individuals seeking a MBA degree need not quit their jobs only to study alongside students with zero work experience. Instead, such experienced individuals can opt from the various types of MBA courses.

There are different types of one year MBA courses in India. While the basic features of the program remains the same, i.e. completion of the full-time MBA degree in 12-15 months, there may be slight variations in the courses depending on your choice of institution.

Following are the different aspects that are concerned with the various types of MBA programs -

Experience Requirements

The one year MBA courses are designed primarily for those with a few years of work experience under their belt. While the conventional two year MBA focuses on a wide range of topics and areas, the one year MBA course has a specialized approach that focuses on the core areas of business administration in a span of just 12-15 months.

Different courses may have different experience requirements. Of course, we don’t prohibit an individual with just two years of experience from joining courses designed for those with five years of experience or more. However, the lack of experience may make it difficult for you to cope with the workload. The one year courses in India are designed for those with two years of hands-on experience working in an organization. We allow even fresh graduates to apply for this course.

International Exposure through the MBA courses in India

Some one year MBA courses focus on providing domestic exposure, while other courses, like ours, are offered in association with international institutions specializing in management education. In a globalized world, opting for a Masters degree in business administration with exposure to global curriculum can prove to be a wise decision with numerous long-term benefits.

Types of MBA courses in India -

There are various types of courses that are available for students & professionals in the field of management and commerce. These MBA courses are listed below -

a. Full-time MBA courses in India:

A 1 year full-time MBA program in India is a course that is studied over the duration of one or two years. These courses are the most common out of all the MBA courses that can be pursued in India. Here, one needs to attend weekday classes at a business school and will need to dedicate 12-24 months of their life while studying for this degree.

b. Accelerated One Year MBA courses in India:

The one year MBA courses are generally one year programs that are a variation of the traditional two-year MBA. One can expect a higher study load and a more intensive class schedule. These courses are suitable for those who have a few years of work experience under their belt.

c. Executive MBA courses in India:

The executive courses are tailor-made MBA programs for working professionals that are designed to meet the current industry standards. The curriculum for such courses are specific to the corporate expectations & helps bringing up industry leaders of tomorrow. The executive MBA courses can be of a duration of one or two years as per the requirement of the fields.

d. Part-time MBA courses in India:

The part-time MBA degree is a full-time MBA studied over three or more years. Participants can continue to work while they study as classes are held during evenings or over weekends. Although the medium of instruction differs, the course structure and curriculum for a part-time MBA course is the same as that for any traditional MBA course. This means that candidates enrolled in such a program do not lose out on the essentials of the course.

Practical Program Structure

Those with practical experience may not benefit a lot by opting for a course that focuses solely on theoretical instructions. Instead, it is advisable to opt for executive courses that combine theoretical lessons with the option of applying the lessons in real-life situations as a part of the curriculum.

Irrespective of the type of program you choose, there is no doubt that adding a one year MBA course to your resume can make a huge difference to your career prospects. Apart from offering a Masters degree in half the time of the conventional course, our program can help you gain all the necessary skills to improve your credibility in the job market.

The MBA program in India provides International Exposure & a practical program structure to the students, making it a viable option for professionals with experience.

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