MBA as a Career Option

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MBA as a Career Option

MBA colleges in India have grown to 3000 in number. The reason for this is simple - the career options after graduating from an MBA college have grown in number too. MBA colleges are focusing on industry readiness and training their students well to take on the complex challenges of an interconnected world. While other programs sometimes limit their curriculum to the theoretical aspects, Colleges are working with their students to help them solve case studies, take up live projects and work on consulting assignments. There are several options that students can choose from if they need to do their executive MBA in Delhi.

The one year MBA program helps working professionals take a break and prepare for the next stage in their career progression. It develops their leadership capabilities while leveraging their strengths. While most MBA colleges in Gurgaon or Delhi offer two year programs but a few have started a one year program as well.

Job opportunities after graduation from a management college in India are not limited to one field or sector. Recruiters come from all industries - technology, consumer durables, energy, banking, automobile etc. The e-commerce industry is also recognizing the value of recruiting seasoned professionals from one year programs.

Some students are gaining greater clarity on what they want to do in life and hence after completing their studies from an MBA Institute in Delhi they are also considering career paths in areas such as education, media, non-profit or even entrepreneurship.

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