Masters in Management vs. MBA: Everything you need to know

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Masters in Management vs. MBA: Everything you need to know


One of the more frequently discussed topics when it comes to postgraduate education is whether to look for 1 year full time MBA in India or pursue a masters in management degree. Indeed the MiM vs MBA debate is a good one because both courses have distinct pros and cons.

A Masters in Management course is ideally for fresh graduates or recent graduates with little work experience typically ranging between 0 to 3 years. The average age of students in these programs is generally 23 years whereas for MBA programs, the average age is considerably older around 27 to 32. This is because experienced professionals with minimum of 3 years of work experience and above tend to apply for these programs. The average work experience in an MBA class is usually 5-7 years.In fact, your work experience is likely to Impact your eligibility. You will have to gain substantial work experience if you have your sights set on an MBA.

Perhaps the clearest distinction between the two is that a Masters in Management is intended to help fresh graduates gain a better grasp of business management whereas an MBA program helps more experienced professionals transition to leadership oriented roles. It is because of this that masters in management graduates tend to join companies in entry level slots such as Management Trainee& MBA Graduates join companies in lateral management slots such as Senior Manager, General Manager, Vice president & CEO. A masters in management helps students understand theoretical concepts in general managerial subjects. A two year or a one year MBA course on the other hand focuses on analysis and application of concepts rather than theory of how to do it.

MBA Colleges in Gurgaon include the one year executive MBA at School of Inspired Leadership and many more. They explore diverse perspectives with international faculty.

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