Letter from your student - Amol Langer HRLP 2014-15

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Letter from your student - Amol Langer HRLP 2014-15

Hello Sir,

 Hope you are doing well. Its almost a month that I have come from SOIL but everything seems so fresh. I wanted this one year to be an amazing learning experience for me and the kind of exposure that I have got in SOIL is truly a holistic one which has now prepared me for lot of things both professionally and personally. And I am truly thankful to you for being an amazing teacher, a guide, a friend and a father figure in Soil.

 I have started to work towards my dream organisation and have bought a little space on rent for my office. Since for the last one year I was not in Chandigarh so I hadn’t taken up any new project all this while and was working on the projects in hand. So now have to make efforts to get new projects as early as possible.

 Sir, I want to get a practical experience on the things that I have learned in this one year and want to stay in touch with what I have learnt. And as I shared with you that I also have to work on my organisation now so if you could tell me any organisation which is into research work in Human resources or creative marketing, then it will be great. I have great inclination towards research and I believe I will be able to do complete justice to that work. During B.Arch my Research Thesis got shortlisted among the top 5 in North India and also got published in Annual book of Council of Architecture. And as you know, during ILC the research project that I worked on not only got awarded but also got published in Journal of Indian Management (AIMA). Also I got awarded as the Best Research Assistant in SOIL for the year 2014-15 (thanks to you :-) ).

This way I would not only be able to stay in touch with what I have learnt but also contribute something meaningful without having to leave my Architectural firm and can work from my office itself. If you could guide me towards this end and help me into it, I will be highly grateful.

 Looking forward to hear from you.

 Your Student,

Amol Langer (HRLP 2014-15)

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