Leadership vs. Management: What should you focus on?

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Leadership vs. Management: What should you focus on?


The much discussed and debated topic, leadership or management which one should I focus on? Well, to begin with, both go hand-in-hand, it’s like the Joker says, “You complete me!” jokes apart; leadership and management are 2 sides of the same coin. Leaders are the ones who take risks, challenge the existing norms and protocols and hunt for new ways of innovation, while managers are the ones that maintain the status quo. You can notice the stark contrast, but in a company, one can’t just be taking risks the whole time and one can’t just be maintaining the status quo. So what are you cut out for? Are you exceptionally well in innovating and taking calculated risks or are you the one who keeps it cool and plays it by the book.

  • Both are imperative

As I’ve mentioned time and time again, leadership and management both are equally important. A financial institution will teach you both the subjects in the syllabus, which one you find interesting entirely depends on you.

  • High demand

Both the roles have a high demand in MNCs, a leader is required to surpass the cut-throat competition in the market while a manager is necessary to maintain and focus on the existing system and structure.

  • You can be both

Sometimes you’ve to fill in both the roles. It’s definitely not easy to partake in both the roles, but is a requisite of certain MNCs. There are special leadership programs designed for students, it’s a one year MBA course offered by reputed colleges in India like XLRI, ISB, SOIL and IIMs. In this one year post graduate course in India you will get to learn leadership as well as management studies, but the emphasis will be more on the former.

A renowned MBA professor once said that ‘A manager does things right while a leader does the right thing.’ If you’ve understood the difference between these two and have made your mind, then without further hesitation enroll for a one year MBA in India today!

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