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"Keep your hunger going for learning" - Shri  Rajneesh Singh, Managing Partner, SimplyHR

"Keep your hunger going for learning" - Shri  Rajneesh Singh, Managing Partner, SimplyHR

Rajneesh Singh, an Arts Graduate & Post-Graduate Diploma holder in Personnel Management & Industrial Relations, is the Managing Partner of SimplyHR Solutions LLP. He comes with a rich experience of 27 years in HR & IR spanning across Consulting, Manufacturing, FMCG, Telecom, Hospitality and Media. 

His core capabilities lie in HR operations with the focus on Culture Building, Employee Engagement, Learning & Development and Talent Management. Till recent past, he was one of the Vice President at the Delhi & NCR chapter of National HRD Network, India. He is also a Mentor at the School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL), Gurgaon, India. His other interests include movies, music, travel and outdoor sport.

On his recent visit to our campus, he introduced us to his new book “Inspirations to Aspirations”, which is a compilation of his letters to his teams at Network 18 and then at SimplyHR with valuable lessons. This inspired me to have a cup of coffee with him and understand what motivates him in his life.

Q. What do you think it takes to be a great corporate leader?

  • One, Invest your time in your team, get to know them personally and professionally. Relationship building and making a connect plays a great role.
  • Two, Ability to learn from each team member is essential. Be humble. Carry the humility to know you don’t have an answer.
  • Three, Be a great communicator. Better and stronger your communication, the farther you reach.
  • Four, Keep sharing. Spend time in knowledge sharing rather than holding on.
  • Five, Integrity and credibility. It leads one to believe that a credible person is dependable. The believability, or the ability to “instill” belief in a person, organization or concept.

1-22Q. What role has Shri Anil Sachdev played as an inspiration in your life?


I remember his ability to communicate, to share knowledge. You would typically get inspired by just observing. Later, when I was looking for a job and we connected, I was there in Eicher for 4 years. I wasn’t reporting to him, but I kept observing him. His ability to listen, being calm in tough situations and take in a lot of pressure were the virtues and values that I really picked up, and have helped me. I kept tracking him, how he moved out of a job and created a company. Then, sold that company, and got into education. So somewhere, those are the paths that I am also following. I have started an HR company called SimplyHR just like he had started Grow Talent. Now I am building a community of startups and entrepreneurs, he is done a school. So, there is a connection which also assures you are building something solid. He has picked up a sweet spot in education and I have picked up a spot in mentorship. There are patterns that one really follows, and from a distance he is been a huge inspiration.

Q. What message would you like to give to SOIL students while you continue to mentor them?


I have mentored students at SOIL since year one, and now also doing HR labs for last two years. The message that I would like to give to the students is to keep their hunger for learning go. Especially to the HR folks, what’s important is their own ability to reach out to people while artificial intelligence, machine learning comes in. Digital is the way forward, but yet the touch with the people is something with which the HR students having a strong foundation really stands out.

Most importantly, I would say that the students become very choosy. They must pick up whatever comes, they need to be slightly adventurous. They must explore the roles which they think are not possible, and challenge themselves. People talk about impatience in millennials, rather I think it’s a very smarter lot.

Interviewed by Garima Seksaria, Social Media Manager, SOIL