Just merit is not enough: How I made it to School of Inspired Leadership

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Just merit is not enough: How I made it to School of Inspired Leadership


Yes, that’s what you read is cent percent right. School of Inspired Leadership is a place that creates ‘Inspired Leaders’ and in the process of creating ‘Leaders’ a lot more goes besides the merit.As it is said ‘Leaders are not born, but are made’, hence School of Inspired Leadership follows a very unique admission process which is also called the ‘Talent Appreciation Process’, commonly known as TAP.
The TAP process is very carefully crafted to have the best of best ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’ and its not just being academically sound but a balanced personality which has an eclectic mix of numbers and talents and definitely the qualities that transform him/her to being a Leader.

The application process follows the following steps in making of the best leaders that shall lead not only themselves but the world in the hindsight.
The ‘Talent Appreciation Process’ involves the following steps:

  • Online Application Form
  • Essays
  • Caliper Assessment Test
  • Recommendations
  • Talent Appreciation Interview

School of Inspired Leadership attracts its students from diverse backgrounds from all over India (Kashmir to Kanyakumari) for various courses from one year MBA to other programs. Apart from strong academic which is an added advantage, SOIL looks for the following characteristics:

  • Leadership Skills
    This being the first and the most important aspect of being a learner at SOIL. School of Inspired appreciate leadership quality expressed at any stage and in every single form ranging from academics to community building to extra-curricular activities etc.
    Apart from the typical leadership experience displayed at the work place, School of Inspired Leadership which aims at creating ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’ look out for the exemplary leadership displayed by its prospective students at all stages of their life journey and not just limited to academics or workplace. Check our Leadership program blog for more information.
  • Innovative Thinkers
    School of Inspired Leadership lays great emphasis on innovation and keeps rebuilding, reforming itself and its various processes to incorporate innovative vision of its team. And it expects the same with the students it acquires. Like other top International and National B-Schools, SOIL follows a stringent ‘Case-Study’ based method for most of its subjects, which lets the students to analyze and come up with their own set of thoughts and ideas. It is about applying the knowledge acquired by the students from the course of study and their own professional experience and come up with the best innovative solutions to the real business and consulting problems.
  • Team-Players
    School of Inspired Leadership time and again focuses the importance of working in teams. Strong team players are the backbone of any team and are solely responsible for the heights of success the team gains by the efforts they put in. A good team player is one who constantly motivates the team to push the limits up and perform better by being ‘Together’ and hence getting a job done. SOIL lays quite an emphasis on having a framework of people who display the quality of being a ‘Team-Player’ at all times and hence the stepping stone to be the leader of tomorrow.
  • Understands the SOIL Model – 5 Pillars
    SOIL believes in being different from rest of the B-Schools by the model it is built on, the five pillars namely:
  • Empathy
  • Compassion
  • Sustainability
  • Ethics
  • Diversity
    SOIL looks out the right candidate who fits perfectly in this model and also the one’s who can mould in it easily.My Journey to SOIL:
    Well, to start with I scored pretty decent marks in my 10th, 12th and graduation. I secured 100% scholarship in my under graduation but that did not open the door wide for me at SOIL. I had to go through the entire process which is mentioned above.

    1) I filled my online application form with essays, which followed by an appointment to give my Caliper Profile Assessment.
    Caliper Profile Assessment is a Psychometric Test, which has been a great help to businesses in terms of talent acquisition, leadership development, succession planning and organizational change.

    2) Only and only when the admission committee at SOIL which scans and rescans your online application form, sees you as the right fit you are invited for the Caliper Test. Caliper Test assesses multi intelligence apart from the analytical ability.

    3) After my Caliper Test happened, my Talent Appreciation Interview was scheduled. The interview is again as rigorous as the curriculum I would say. As SOIL aims at targeting the best of best lot, the interview is managed by a panel that consists of one of the Top Faculties at SOIL along with an Industry Expert which can be anyone ranging from HR Heads, to VP’s of its 32 Consortium companies or more.

    4) My interview started with my life journey and progressed with a number of business problems that tested my analytical as well as behavioral skills. After my interview, I waited and waited for the results and one fine day in the course of my wait I finally gained the acceptance at School of Inspired Leadership and my joy knew no bounds. It was a very structured approach that SOIL follows and I am really glad that I am a part of it with some really diverse and an amazing set of peers to have and gain from a healthy competition we have boarded on. Know more about MBA programs at SOIL.

    5) At the end, I would say ‘Merit’ isn’t the sole criteria for SOIL to open its gates for you…it is much above it and surely better you do B-School just ONCE and hence need to make it WORTH-THE-WHILE.

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