Internships 2016 at SOIL: A quick report

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Internships 2016 at SOIL: A quick report


Just to recapitulate, the first term of the one year MBA Class of 2017 just zip zapped and before we even realized it was over. Four... yes you read that right… four months have passed and we didn’t even realize… time literally flied… and in the span of four months that just swayed up we had a lot of things on our platter. A number of courses came with an enormous set of assignments, projects, live projects, interview preparations, resume building and on top of everything and a never sending saga of examinations and continuous evaluations.

As we progressed in the term we had a number of workshops lined up for us to build on our interview skills and perfect our resume for the upcoming internships interviews. The internships were scheduled to begin just after our term one and hence we all were multitasking as usual the scene in any B-School.

Just after the completion of second month in the Business Leadership Program, the companies started coming in for interviews and the students started applying to various companies that pitched in for the internships.

The first started in the end of June with Authbridge as the first recruiter. The process started with Group Discussion and finally went on till Personal Interviews. The process didn’t end just here, the shortlisted students each was provided with a topic to be presented to the higher management and hence two students were selected finally. We hardly believed that MBA in one year at SOIL would be so much of work & studies, all packed in fun.

Next came the software giant Microsoft which came with an already shortlisted list of students, gave a case study which required rigorous brain storming and proceeded with an equally brain racking group discussion.

The next in line was the prestigious Tata Steel, Jamshedpur which came up with specific projects for Human Resource Leadership students. The process was pretty unique with the Personal Interviews of the shortlisted students followed by the votes by the fellow students who they felt were best of the lot.

And with this we entered the internship placements in its full glory with the organizations either visiting our campus or the students going to the respective organizations where they applied for the interviews with their choice of projects.

The internship process is an experience in itself as in the 12 months journey we have so much to do and we can’t thank SOIL enough for including the internship an integral part of the course so as to provide an exposure to what lies ahead of us once we are done with the course.

The various organizations which offered a diverse range of projects are: Yes Bank, Anand Group, Salto Dee Fe, Salesexcel, Petro IT Ltd, Coho Stays, Tecnovaglobal, Newton Consulting Group Inc, India Today, Mastek, WION, Gemini Solutions, Flatle, Goibibo, Urbanclap, Knowlarity, Collegedekho, Tonetag, Pure Design Solution, Bee Interactive, Buildzar, U2opia Mobile, Focus Digit, Amul, Trucar, Verint, Decoinch, Aditya Birla Finance, Field Assist, Max Life Insurance, Arm Digital, Medanta and the list goes on and on.

And this continued with a number of MNC’s and startup that thronged our college campus with amazing offers for both HRLP and BLP.

Hence, now after the internships we will focus on the placement season with a number of students getting PPO’s … so we are looking forward to interesting times ahead.

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