Important Qualities B-schools look for in an MBA candidate

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Important Qualities B-schools look for in an MBA candidate


An MBA course is pursued by a majority of students and working executives these days. The quality of a student is determined by not only with his theoretical prowess, but also practical knowledge and thorough understanding of business models. A hiring company will seek for a prospective employee that fits the bill completely and expectations from an MBA graduate are phenomenal, as the course is created to train the students in excelling on all parameters of a business model.  Check out everything you need to know about one year MBA program in India.

At SOIL we inculcate such teachings and train the students, through our one year PG program, to be ready for the real world. Our selection process is also unique and the candidates are selected through our ‘Talent Appreciation Process’. This procedure is acquired from our parent company – Grow Talent Company that has developed thousands of leaders since its inception in 2000.

All B-schools are looking for passionate candidates who are willing to train hard and hone their skills as budding entrepreneurs in today’s competitive world. Hence, the selection process is conducted to match the expectations of the B-school. Recruiters are looking for prospects who are willing to walk the extra mile when need be, have ambitions in life that don’t deter with the slightest failure, willingness to excel in all parameters and succeed in projects taken.

The procedure of selection in a B-school is to ensure that the candidate is ready to handle responsibilities such as working in a team, coming up with innovative ideas and have an ambition to succeed, but face failure humbly. The different tests designed during the selection process comprises of a variety of questions that directly or indirectly assess the student’s inner qualities.

At SOIL apart from the ‘Talent Appreciation Process’ we have a second test module called ‘Caliper’ and a third called ‘Talent Appreciation Interview’. These three modules help us understand the candidate and his goals and based on the results, the candidate progresses to the admission process. Check out admission process at SOIL.

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