Importance of MBA in a fast growing economy like India

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Importance of MBA in a fast growing economy like India


An MBA degree is growing by leaps and bounds in India due to its prestigious stature and our country’s resilience post-recession. With several Indian Universities including MBA courses in their curriculum, many students are opting for this respected course. International students are also eyeing MBA courses in India giving the reputation of IIMs and ISBs situated here. There are various types of MBA and you can choose anyone depending on your criteria. Most of the students pursue full time courses right after they complete graduation.

The Indian scenario of thriving MBA courses is also because that Indians have gradually started moving from an agricultural-based economy to a knowledge-based economy. Several careers are benefited by MBA courses as it helps with acquiring knowledge and adds to a handsome pay package. In a survey it was found that more than 90% of MBA graduates are fully employed and offered handsome pay packages. MBA is divided into 3 categories – there’s a two year full time course, a one year MBA course and a part time MBA course of 3 years, there’s also an executive MBA (EMBA) course. The one and two year courses are full time, whereas the Executive MBA courses in India is a part time course.

Following are the specialization courses for MBA aspirants –

• Human Resources & Leadership program
• Sales
• Finance
• Accounting
• Healthcare
• Marketing
• Management

Post-Graduation courses are widely offered in several institutions nowadays and a lot of businesses are welcoming employees with a greater amount of degrees and a wider range of knowledge. Students pursuing an MBA degree(one year MBA or two) increase their chance of achieving success as they are trained and tutored to excel in every part of the job they are looking for in the future. If interested in pursuing a one year MBA program in India, do visit the numerous educational sites informing about reputed institutions in our country.

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