Importance of Caliper Profile Test

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Importance of Caliper Profile Test


The biggest challenge any recruiter faces is to select the future employees for the organization. Selecting the right candidate in terms of both functional skills and behavioral pattern is difficult as many applicants try to hide negative behavioral traits and only showcase their positives during the interview process. This is when psychological tests can come in to play; the questions designed in psychometric tests are to understand the applicant’s behavioral traits and his ability to perform in a working environment: exactly what a recruiter needs to know. Caliper profiling personality test is one such assessment that generates accurate answers from the applicant.

A question like, ‘Do people often expect too much from you?’ when necessarily answered in ‘true’ or ‘false’ determines a lot about the applicant. If the answer is ‘true’ that means the candidate is easily overwhelmed and doubts his own potential. Another example is ‘I do many things better than almost everyone – True or False’ a negative answer means humility or insecurity whereas a positive answer means confidence or arrogance. The result will be determined on how you justify the answer and make the recruiter understand your viewpoint.

Caliper profiling has been a boon to recruiters and HR personnel throughout the globe as it helps them to get the most suitable candidates for the offered slots. In addition, a Caliper test also lets you know your weaknesses and suggests how you may work on it. This test can also be taken by existing employees of the company and the results can be shared with them. The test should be supervised to ensure that the candidate doesn’t get any external help. The Caliper test is a transparent, unbiased and reliable tool to measure potential.

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