Importance of Acquiring a One Year MBA Degree

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Importance of Acquiring a One Year MBA Degree


With technology and liberal economic policies facilitating a smaller and interconnected global economy, business administration has become a complicated and specialized activity. Not surprisingly, more and more organizations are preferring individuals possessing formal degrees in various aspects and facets of business administration. In such a scenario, acquiring a one year MBA can make a huge difference to your career.

Minimize Opportunity Cost of Post-Employment Education

For a student, spending an extra year for gaining an MBA degree may not seem like a big deal. At worst, the student’s job will be pushed back by an additional year. On the other hand, a two-year gap for a professional like you can prove to be disastrous in the long run. Change in the approach and attitude of employers and unexpected variations in the economic cycle puts you at risk of getting virtually excluded from the job market.

In such a scenario, our one-year MBA degree allows you to add value to your resume without taking a long way from work. Rejoining office a year in advance can help you reduce the financial costs of taking a break from your job for the MBA degree.

Course Designed for Students with Experience

We know that experience is the best teacher. An individual with experience of working in an organization for a few years will have a completely different view of various aspects and facets of business administration. Considering this point, our one year MBA course has an in-depth curriculum that relies on a practical and collaborative approach.

The course focuses on imbibing skills and knowledge designed specifically to help you become a better manager and administrator in your organization. Emphasis on practical learning ensures you don’t lose touch with ground-level issues and difficulties involved in running a business.

Boost to Your Resume

Our one-year MBA degree is not a part-time or distance-education degree. It is a full-fledged degree that covers all aspects and facets covered in a conventional Masters degree. The only difference here is that a two-year curriculum is condensed into a span of just 12 months with learning hours equivalent to 2 year MBA programs.

By adding this qualification to your resume, you can seek foster career growth within your organization, or consider a change in your core area of expertise by switching to a lucrative and challenging job.


If you cannot afford to take a two-year break from your job, or are not interested in opting for a distance-education course, then the one-year MBA is the best way to gain knowledge without any significant disruption to your career plan.

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