Which is better - HR Leadership program or MBA in HR?

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Which is better - HR Leadership program or MBA in HR?


The HR Leadership Programs are designed to establish and nurture top-notch HR professionals.HR leadership program addresses many critical topics. It covers the important role of HR in the dynamic business environment, processes and systems. HR leadership program is an application oriented course designed using the help of leading practitioners, academicians and consultants.

This leadership program teaches the students to work upon their decision makings skills, and gives them the opportunity to work on real life projects. The students are provided with all the necessary HR tools of Analytics, competence and Research Methods.

The HR Leadership Program is intended to help the students gain a hands-on experience in various disciplines pertaining to the business. Students can develop all the necessary leadership skills and capabilities to transform into future innovative and inspirational HR leaders.The special, one year PG program for HR Leadership at SOIL pays attention to the unique challenges of managing human resources. The program concentrates on Leadership Development, Business Acumen, HR Excellence and Skill Enhancement.

Both an MBA in human resources and a human resource leadership program will prepare you to take on HR leadership positions across industries. After completion of the MBA program, one could seek management positions in the HR department in almost any industry.  Both ways, you can go on to obtain higher positions such as director or Vice President in the HR department. You would also be responsible for recruiting, training employees, compensation, employee benefits, job analysis, or placement, and ensure that employees are high performers.

While both the programs offer advanced training in HR along with managerial concepts and theories, an MBA in HR allows students to develop a broad set of business skills that can also transfer to other arenas. The curriculum for an MBA or an executive education in HR typically covers business strategy and corporate management concepts, organizational behavior, ethical leadership, and HR concepts in detail.Also, read about one year MBA program in India.

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