How to choose executive MBA college?

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How to choose executive MBA college?


Pursuing an MBA after graduation can boost your career scope and create more opportunities for a better career path. In fact, even after completing post-graduation in a preferred discipline, students find it extremely beneficial to have a MBA degree from top MBA institutes.

Preparing for an MBA will require a heavy investment of time, money and energy. It is, therefore, extremely critical to make sure the specialization you choose and the business school meets your requirements. Before taking a final decision, see to it that you get a chance to visit the campus to get a sense of the culture and learning environment there. Take initiatives and talk to existing students or alumni who have bagged jobs you are aiming for.

Choosing the Appropriate Institute:

These days, more than an MBA degree, the institute from where you have obtained the MBA degree carries more weightage. All MBA programs requires lot of time, patience and investments. Obtaining an MBA from a reputed institution is extremely important if you’re looking for a high profile job in the industry. So, before you zero down on an institution, it is recommended that you conduct a good research on the short-listed institutions.

The aspects that one must consider for choosing the correct Institute should include the following:-

• The credibility and brand value of the Institution
• The profile and quality of the Management and Governing Council.
• History and existence of the MBA programme
• The principles and method of instruction
• Quality of the faculty and the intellectual capital of the institution
• Value added courses
• Industry interaction and exposure
• Core competency of the Institute
• Residential or non-residential MBA programme (a residential MBA programme can give far more value addition to students).
• Non-academic programmes of the Institute ( leadership, personality development)
• Placement scenario, track record, the outreach of its alumni and industry network.
• Ranking by reputed journals

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