How to choose between MBA in India or MS abroad

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How to choose between MBA in India or MS abroad


A common dilemma for engineering students is whether to pursue an MBA in India or an MS abroad. Both have their pros and cons and the decision depends on the individual. Originally the MBA program was designed for engineers to understand senior management positions and work efficiently in that role. Factors that come into play when opting for MS abroad or MBA programs in India are –

  • Finance
  • Career aspirations
  • Knowledge quotient
  • Aptitude

An engineer who opts for an MS abroad is generally someone who wants to master and hone his skills in engineering. Some people opt for MS abroad because they think that there are more opportunities there than in India. The reality is that top companies in India are offering almost the same compensation as that offered abroad. Many students switch fields after completing engineering, they lookout for other opportunities and want to study management, such students opt for an MBA degree post their graduation. Also, there are students who pursue a part-time computer course while doing engineering and venture into an IT field after graduation.

Both the career paths are illustrious and job opportunities depends on the demand in the market. With an MS one can consider opportunities in oil, petro chemicals, computer-technology, infrastructure, communication, automobiles and several more. An MBA on the other hand has options in diverse fields like marketing, sales, administration, finance and human resources.

Most importantly choose a field you’re passionate about, if you crave for technical skills and can’t get enough of it, then an MS abroad or an M Tech in India is the right path. If you think that you have managerial and entrepreneurial skills and want to sharpen it further, then a good B-school in India is meant for you. So chose carefully, do not succumb to peer and family pressure, rather visit career counseling centers as this will help in making a decision.

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