How SOIL Career Services helps Students in Personalized Professional Grooming.

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How SOIL Career Services helps Students in Personalized Professional Grooming.


There’s a massive difference in travelling the economy class and the business class, a personal butler, comfortable seats, better boot space, and a bigger entertainment center are some of the features of the latter. But why the reference here? No, we are not providing you with business class tickets to Delhi, rather a similar treatment even after you complete your one year MBA degree at the School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL). Still muddled? Let me explain further, to be brutally honest we enroll for an MBA to be placed at a better organization, knowledge among others are secondary. This is where SOIL Career Services (SCS) comes into play.

  • What is SOIL Career Service?

SCS is a facility that SOIL provides to each student, it’s a highly personalized service that assists and guides the student in preparing for the recruitment process (business class?). The SCS features two major academies –

  • Career Services Academy (CSA)

Over here students are taught to hone their skillset and also build networks that will assist them in business development activities with potential recruiters. This creates opportunities in finding internships and placements.

  • Career Learning Academy (CLA)

The other academy is CLA where personnel of SOIL go beyond academic improvisation and focus on the complete development of the student. This academy focuses on –

  • Written and verbal communication
  • Leadership
  • Teambuilding
  • Time resource management
  • Networking
  • Public speaking

I don’t recall any other institution that goes to these lengths just to ensure that their student gets the best. Kudos to SOIL! Wait! It’s not over yet, there are other aspects also involved in the professional grooming of the student enrolling for the executive MBA courses at SOIL (and you thought it’s over?)

  • Industry interaction and events
  •  Leadership series

Ever been in a hall room full of senior leaders, mathematicians and thinkers? Well with the leadership series SOIL not only gets you into that hall room but also have an enlightening interactive session with them, what’s more? They are organized every month!

  • Internships

An integral part of the curriculum, SOIL follows a 1 month internship program which is often after the completion of the first term. SOIL believes that practical knowledge is as important as theoretical knowledge and hence the inclusion of this module in the curriculum.

  • Mentorship

Each student will be assigned not 1 but 2 mentors! A corporate leader and an internal faculty member. Seek and grab the lessons on career improvisation and dive into the pool of knowledge these mentors will be sharing exclusively with you.

Maybe now you understand the similarity between a business class section and an MBA at SOIL, if not, then read the article again! Also, if you’re considering pursuing the one year executive MBA in India, do check out the School of Inspired Leadership!

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