How does Social Innovation Program at SOIL help the Students

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How does Social Innovation Program at SOIL help the Students


Like Ben Parker famously quoted ‘With great power comes great responsibility’ this statement is true on so many levels, but you must be wondering why am I making a Marvel comic reference in an educational blog? It’s simple, in today’s realm the business world is inclined towards social development. MNCs now more than ever are participating in social programs with an outlook of giving back to the community. It’s a noble initiative and is also a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plan. In certain educational institutions students are taught about being socially inclined towards various causes.

School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL) is one of those institutions that have crafted a module for such causes and have embedded it in their syllabus for all executive MBA courses. The program is called the ‘Social Innovation Plan’ (SIP), SOIL is associated with several organizations and together with the students they work towards developing a better world. Some of the organizations that SOIL is associated with are –

  • Adharshila
  • Esha
  • National Thalassemia Welfare society
  • Fundacja Arvindam
  • Iamgurgaon
  • Skillshare international
  • Navjyoti Indian foundation
  • Muskaan
  • READ Global
  • Uthaan
  • SOS children’s villages India
  • Saksham
  • Udayan Care
  • Tamana
  • SNS Foundation
  • Sai Bhoomi
  • Ritinjali
  • Aadi
  • NIIT Foundation
  • Bharat Stem cells
  • Salaam Balaak trust
  • Sarthak Educational trust

Phew! Going by the list, SOIL has done some impressive work with its SIP. The students benefit too as they are not only strengthened theoretically and practically but socially too. In addition, it makes up for a great merit in your resume.

Any student from a one year MBA or executive MBA program will be spending a total of 30 days on the field of whichever organization he is assigned to and 10 days in the classroom. He will be evaluated for this and the scores will reflect on his end term mark sheet. SOIL is one of the few institutions that offer a social program in their one year MBA in Delhi. The institution also ranks at the top for several other amenities and is one of the best options if you want to pursue post graduation courses in Delhi.

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