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Global Leadership Program by SOIL


The world is changing at a fast pace and national boundaries no longer stand in the way of international trade and commerce. We live in an age where multiple signatories sign off on multimillion dollar projects from conference rooms that are thousands of miles apart. It is truly the age where globalization has become an intrinsic part of businesses and leadership programs in India are now adding the international dimension to woo candidates that aspire to become global leaders.

The global leadership program offered by School of Inspired Leadership – SOIL, has a global curriculum with teachers and consultants from all around the world. Specially designed for professionals who are being groomed for C-Suite level positions in their organizations, the participants themselves are also global leaders from organizations who come together at program locations in Los Angeles, Paris, Delhi and Shanghai.

SOIL is one of the best MBA colleges in Delhi that provides a well-rounded framework of learning based on cognitive, emotional, social, physical and spiritual dimensions as data sources in contextual analysis and understanding. The fundamentals of the global leadership program are leadership, vision and strategy. Strategy formulation tools including competitive analysis, environmental assessment, opportunity definition and organization design & development can be gained from pursuing this course.

The in-class portion of the global leadership program consists of three modules of 5 to 6 days each. The curriculum will be organized around the value creation elements of global strategy, organization and leadership. A 3-4 month intersession between each week of the program gives the participants an opportunity to practically apply the theoretical concepts learned from their professional careers and derive new insights for a deeper analysis of building and sustaining global business operations.

In addition, participants will gain access to a truly global network of business leaders and program faculty that will comprise of some of the greatest minds from various industries and backgrounds that will help generate new insights and the ability to connect the dots to the value creation functions of an organization.

By means of immersion into diverse cultures, the GLP focuses on the most important aspects of the role of being a leader that can guide and build a truly global organization. Above all, effective global leadership requires comprehensive knowledge of global forces of disruption and the strategy, business model and operating structure of a global corporation. If these dimensions align with your career goals, Global Leadership Program by SOIL is perfect for you!

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