Global Flavor in an Indian MBA: 3 Reasons why Exchange Programs are invaluable

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Global Flavor in an Indian MBA: 3 Reasons why Exchange Programs are invaluable


With all of the points focusing on studies, we often forget the fun part of getting into an executive MBA courses. Yes, I mentioned ‘Fun’ and ‘MBA’ in one sentence because it’s true. I think it is one of the primary motivators, it wakes you up from your never ending slumber and pushes you to attend lectures. These motivators are friends, yes, it’s statistically proven that our buddies are often the reason to attend lectures in schools and colleges. In an MBA course your friends are from all over the world - some enroll due to the reputation of the financial institution and some due to student exchange programs. Nevertheless, you form a good rapport with them and become the best of buds. Following are some pointers specifically showcasing how exchange programs are invaluable –

  • Culture shock!

Any exchange student witnesses a massive culture shock when he experiences the culture of the host country. Any foreigner for sure is going to go berserk when he sees the traffic snarls and cows roaming on the streets in India. It’s only about time that the student gets acclimatized to the culture and starts loving it. Beautiful people, serene climate and breath taking backdrop, what’s not there to like in India?

  • Quite the linguist

A foreigner might be flawless in his native tongue and of course fluent in English, but can he master the language of the host country he’s pursuing an MBA from? As you all are well aware, a majority of people in India don’t speak English and converse in Hindi, so conversing can be a hindrance unless he masters the Hindi language and/or the other regional languages. It’s a great add-on to your bio-data plus an opportunity to get close to your local buddies.

  • A Leader’s trait

Obviously it enhances your skill set and provides you with another weapon to add to your arsenal. Exchange programs makes the student understand different cultures, different people and their needs. While the local students of India get to learn several things from their foreign counterparts as well. An important thing to understand in marketing are global cultures and their changing trends.

Specially designed leadership programs are provided by XLRI, SOIL, ISB and IIMs, this one year executive MBA in India train the students in leadership in a short period. Student exchange programs are available in several reputed institutions, you can pursue your one year MBA in Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Mumbai and several other states. All of them have great educational institutions with Student exchange programs.

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