Find every dream company of typical MBA graduates at SOIL campus placements!

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Find every dream company of typical MBA graduates at SOIL campus placements!


The moment you enroll for an MBA course, relatives along with other “highly-interested-in-your-education” folks ask ‘Does it provide placements?’ Yes, it ultimately boils down to that, no one gives a rat’s posterior about the knowledge inculcated and the practical experience of interning. It’s all about the money and the pay check you’re going to receive after the placement. To be brutally honest, for many people MBA courses in India is nothing but a gateway to minting money. It’s only during the course that they realize its worlds apart, the knowledge received gets embedded to your brain cells and that’s the most valuable aspect to the MNCs. For that ‘knowledge’ MNCs are willing to pay a hefty package but don’t be fooled as this too happens after a grueling round of campus placement interviews.

The School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL) is one such institution that believes in imparting knowledge. Their reputation exceeds the boundaries of Delhi as several MNCs realize the kind of training the students receive there. Right from leadership programs to social innovation programs, a mandatory internship phase to a career guiding mentorship module, the candidates trained here are molded into forerunners of the future generation. This is the very reason why top MNCs line outside their door during the campus recruitment stage. Wipro, Vodafone, Microsoft, L&T Finance, Infosys, Cap Gemini and Dabur are few from the 50 plus renowned MNCs that are present during every campus recruitment tour.

In addition, SOIL also has its own Career services office that assists you even after you graduate from the one year MBA course. This office consists of two major academies – Career Services Academy (CSA) and Career Learning Academy (CLA). The former trains the candidate in developing the skills and building the networks that helps in finding the right opportunities and internships, while the latter focuses on personal development like verbal and written communication, public speaking, body language etc. SOIL truly goes that extra mile in assuring you get the best, no wonder they have a record of placing every candidate within three months of graduation!

If you’re looking out for 1 year post graduate course in India do check out SOIL, their website has all the information required and about their repute? You can go ahead and enquire about it in any of the Fortune 500 companies.

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