Choosing an Executive MBA or a Post-graduate Course ?

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Choosing an Executive MBA or a Post-graduate Course ?


You may be a valued employee because of your experience and commitment, but junior employees holding post-graduate degrees may be getting promoted faster than you.

This shows that it is important to constantly update your skill set, especially in a subject such as business. To cater to this need, several courses such as Master’s degrees and post-graduate diplomas are now available.

Executives find themselves asking the question “What is MBA?” amidst the confusion of choosing between courses. An executive MBA will provide you with knowledge that will make you more efficient in your everyday tasks at work.

Here are three reasons why an executive MBA in India (EMBA) is better than other management courses.

1. Relevant skills

As a working professional who has committed several years to engaging with the corporate sector, you have a fair understanding of how your company and the industry work.

A Master’s of Science in subjects such as Finance may give you theoretical knowledge about a particular field. Executive MBA courses in India, on the other hand, will equip you with leadership and team-building skills, which are more practical in nature.

It is more likely that an EMBA will be more relevant to your job, especially if it is designed by an institute that is collaborating with your company.

2. Classroom environment

A Master’s in Management (MIM) will need you to focus on lectures, seminars and dissertations. On the other hand, MBA programs lay emphasis on building business models and analyzing case studies.

One year MBA programs will include people who are similar to you. They may bring experiences from their previous workplaces to the classroom, making you feel at home.

Your classmates in a Master’s course, on the other hand, will mostly be students who have just finished their under-graduate degrees. As a working professional, you may not be comfortable in such an environment amongst people who are not your age.

3. Prestigious positions

The type of jobs you will be eligible for may be limited by the specialized focus of courses such as Post-graduate Diplomas in Management (PGDM). This is because you will be able to solve only specific kinds of problems.

The reason why MBA courses customized for executives enhance their eligibility for more and higher positions is because they equip them with holistic solutions for a variety of business problems.

An EMBA thus turns you into an asset for your company. In fact, your employers may not only be supportive of your initiative to learn, but may also provide financial support. Ask your company if it would be willing to fund your course in part or full.

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