Executive MBA: The Rising Trend among Indian Women

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Executive MBA: The Rising Trend among Indian Women


A career in the corporate world is widely seen as being highly rewarding, but it can also be extremely competitive. All too often, due to gender biases or prevailing societal norms, women are considered to be unsuited to such a set-up. Not surprisingly, a similar tendency is replicated in the academic scenario for MBA.

Due to changing social mindsets over the past few years, however, significant progress has been observed in these fields. With a rise in the number of women professionals in India, an increasing number of female candidates are also enrolling for the executive MBA programs. This indicates that women, despite their domestic and social commitments, are also seeking professional growth.

Why does it matter?

In Indian society, women are often discouraged from pursuing their professional ambitions, especially if these are seen to clash with domestic responsibilities. The executive MBA with its mandate for 5 years of prior work experience therefore poses a challenge to female candidates. Early career commitments may also coincide with personal milestones such as marriage and childbirth, making it all the more difficult for women to seek a 1 year full-time MBA in India. But the recent increase in female candidates for executive MBA in India certainly indicates a positive shift in perspective even when to compare it to other one year MBA courses.

Academic Impact

The rise in female applicants for the one year executive MBA in India is keenly welcomed by the institutes as well. With a more gender-balanced class, the advantage is two-fold. The course bodes equal opportunities for both men and women. Yet the increased female participation enhances the course, with a more diverse set of socio-economic perspectives. These interactions also help in dispelling myths about the potential of female professionals.

Professional Impact

An MBA education certainly adds value to your career; for women, even more so. It is an especially crucial asset for aspiring women entrepreneurs. Successfully pursuing an executive MBA serves as a mark of a woman’s capabilities, in terms of business responsibilities and leadership positions. The number of female employees nominated by their firms for a full time executive MBA has also witnessed a significant rise.

Juggling Career and Family

The average age of women candidates enrolled in most Indian institutes for executive MBA courses range between 27 and 33 years. For most of them, familial responsibilities are therefore a major factor while considering career enhancement. However, with increased support from families and partners, many women seem to handle both skilfully.

The rise in women applicants for one year executive MBA programs in India is certainly a positive trend. It indicates a gradual dispelling of societal pressures and prejudices that otherwise impede women’s participation in the corporate world.

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