Executive MBA Programs: How Do They Work

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Executive MBA Programs: How Do They Work


The executive MBA programs are designed primarily to help experienced middle-management employees equip themselves for the transition to higher positions and bigger responsibilities in bigger organizations. Read ahead for an overview of how our executive MBA program functions, and how it can help you achieve faster growth in your career as with a one year MBA course.

Part-Time Course for Experienced Professionals

Unlike the conventional MBA degree that seeks to equip inexperienced students with managerial knowledge and skills, our executive MBA degree is designed for those with 5-15 years of work experience. This part-time degree involves classroom study in the evening and over the weekends.

In some cases, you may end up taking more than two years when working on a full-time job along with the degree. However, we recognize that spending a few extra months completing the degree will not have a negative impact over the long run.

Combination of Generalized and Specialized Knowledge

We offer an executive MBA courses that is designed to help employees with specialized knowledge about a particular functional area of an organization gain general high-level management skills and knowledge. The course offers knowledge about all key areas of business management including marketing, finance, accounting, manufacturing, global strategy etc. The course focuses on creating skilled, responsible, and ethical organizational leaders.

The latter half of our course involves choice of elective subjects that provide students with specialized knowledge over and above the generalized skills imparted in the first half of the course. We also offer a foreign study component by offering exposure to global corporations through short foreign trips to help you gain a global perspective.

Practical and Collaborative Training

Professional executive MBA courses eschew conventional closed loop teaching methods. Instead, students are encouraged to adopt a collaborative approach by forming groups and working in an environment that mimic real-life business environments. Peer-based completion and assessment of assignments, exercises, group work fosters teamwork and improvement of interpersonal skills

Exposure to Experienced Faculties

We know that business leadership is not something that can simply be acquired from books. Recognizing this, we design courses that offer exposure to expert faculties with years of experience in high-level positions in reputed organizations. Personal interaction with such experts along with mentoring and guidance helps the student hone his or her general management skills.


Our executive MBA course is a specialized course designed for a niche segment of managers. Such courses are invariably expensive and, ideally, require sponsorship or financial assistance from employers. Of course, individuals have the option of quitting their jobs and relying on savings and loans to acquire this strategic boost to their career prospects.

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