Executive MBA – Opportunity or Challenge

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Executive MBA – Opportunity or Challenge


There are several types of people out there, a certain group believes that time synonyms life, you can’t make up for lost time. Physicists and astronomers have gone bonkers in finding a solution to stop time or travel back in time, but why all of this over here? It’s imperative for you to know the importance of time. For some, executive MBA is a waste of money and time, probably thinking that ‘What kind of knowledge will I gain in a year?’ But for some this is an opportunity, a chance to excel at what others took 2-3 years to complete, don’t be naïve by thinking that a one year MBA is easy, on the contrary it’s a grueling course and only your dedication and hard work can push you across the finish line. So let’s focus on the most debated question in the history of management studies – Executive MBA – Opportunity or challenge?

  • Saving up on TIME

Yes, mentioning it again, you save on time but does that make it an opportunity or a challenge. A bit of both is where my money’s worth, it’s an opportunity because you outsmart the rest and and gain palpable knowledge in a short amount of time and a challenge because you’ve to keep up with the teachings among all the extracurricular activities like interning, social programs and more.

  • Enhance your skill set

To pursue an Executive MBA you need a minimum 2 years of work experience, this means that you’ve already experienced the corporate scenario. An EMBA hones that existing skillset of yours and makes you even better. Certain educational institutions like XLRI, IIM, and SOIL have leadership modules that mold you into a business leader. It’s all opportunity here, all you need to do is rise up to the challenge.

  • Reward for your employer

If your existing employer permits you to pursue a one year EMBA degree and resume the job a year later then he is benefitted even more than you. You will be molded into a leader after the course and with your enhanced skill set, you will definitely be a valuable asset to your company. So definitely an opportunity for your employer, but which one to you?

I will like to keep this open ended and let the candidates decide whether a one year MBA in India is an opportunity or challenge. Frankly, they are the two sides of the same coin, you can’t just flip it without seeing the other.

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