Executive MBA Degree Better Than a Full Time MBA Course

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Executive MBA Degree Better Than a Full Time MBA Course


Is an executive MBA degree better than a full-time course? Is it advisable to opt for an executive course that allows you to study without quitting your job or taking a break? Or is it preferable to focus solely on your MBA course before getting back into the job market? Those with a few years of work experience planning to acquire a MBA degree will have to choose between executive and full-time courses.

No Universal Answer

We cannot give an absolute and universal answer to this question. We advise our students to consider their unique requirements and preferences. We suggest you consider factors like:
• Extent of cooperation that your employer is prepared to offer.
• Your financial capabilities
• Your ability to manage the job and studies.
• The overall economic scenario.

Advantages of an Executive MBA Degree

Many persons make the mistake of thinking that an executive MBA programs is preferable because it allows you to study without quitting your job. Rather, the biggest advantage of the executive course is that it equips you to make the transition into upper management positions.

It is designed for those who have worked in middle management positions for close to a decade, and are now seeking new opportunities. In the long run, whether you combined work with studies or took a break is hardly going to make a significant difference.

The executive MBA course has better brand value as compared to new age full-time MBA courses like the one year course. If you are prepared to work hard, you can gain all the necessary skills and knowledge despite studying on a part-time basis.

Advantages of a Full Time Course

In the past, the fact that the conventional MBA degree was the only full-time option available for experienced individuals was a significant drawback. This is why have designed a one year course specifically for experienced individuals who want to acquire management qualification without taking a long break.

It is pertinent to note that our one year MBA program is designed for those with four to five years of work experience while the executive MBA course is more suited for those with more than a decade of work experience.

Despite the fact that both courses offer an MBA degree, it is virtually impossible to compare the executive MBA with the full-time MBA option. Unless your employer is prepared to support you, we suggest you consider the cheaper option of going in for this course.

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