All You Need to Know about a One Year MBA in India

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All You Need to Know about a One Year MBA in India


MBA is now a household concept in the Indian academic scenario. A large number of candidates vie for the limited seats in the traditional two-year MBA programs, across the country. However, over the past few years, the full-time, one year MBA program has been making ripples among aspirants too.

Nevertheless, being a relatively novel concept in India, many of its essentials remain unclear to most candidates. Queries generally tend to dwell on particulars such as the nature and scope of the course. Here are some basics to acquaint you with the one year PG program in India.

What sets it Apart?

As is evident from the name itself, the one year MBA program is scheduled for a shorter duration as compared to traditional programs. However, that is certainly not the only difference.

The most prominent distinction is that of the admission criteria. Applicants accepted in the two-year programs may or may not have prior work experience. Their admission to the institute often solely depends on their CAT scores. On the other hand, the one year PGP follow a more holistic approach towards enrollment. Aspirants are required to have a minimum of 5 years of work experience before applying. The admission process also focuses on several criteria such as extracurricular interests and leadership potential, rather than test scores alone.

Although the duration may be shorter, the program is in no way less rigorous when compared to a two-year MBA. In fact, due to the limited time period, the course tends to be more intensive. As candidates are familiar with a corporate set-up, however, certain non-essential theoretical concepts are excluded.

How does it differ from Executive MBA?

Often termed as one year executive MBA in India, the program may often be confused for an Executive MBA or EMBA course. Although there may be some similarities between the two, in essence, these are two different programs. An EMBA course is a part-time course recommended for working executives wishing to achieve an advanced skill-set in their existing careers. On the other hand, the one year MBA is a full-time post-graduate program dedicated to building leadership and management abilities in candidates with a stipulated work experience.

Going Global

With its holistic enrollment criteria, including a mandate of at least 5 years of work experience, the one year MBA is much closer to international standards. It is, in fact, the first Indian program to be globally accepted as an MBA and ranks high in the prestigious ratings of Financial Times, London.

With these essentials of the one year MBA in India in mind, you can now weigh out your options and pursue the right course!

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