EMBA: Advantages and Disadvantages

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EMBA: Advantages and Disadvantages


An MBA is either a 2 years full time or 3 years part time course. Both have different eligibility criteria, other than that there is Executive MBA or EMBA, a course designed for working professionals who have a minimum of 5 years of career experience. If you’re planning to do an One Year MBA in India and match the above criteria but are still muddled over some of it benefits, the following passage will be helpful as we highlight the pros and cons of EMBA.

1. EMBA carries more weightage than any other MBA program. It has a higher acceptance rate among top recruiters, the advantage here being that the aspirant is already experienced and has knowledge about the field.

2. GMAT is not that necessary for EMBA graduates. In certain companies where they do need you to take the test, the expected scores are way low compared to other MBA programs.

3. A very important aspect of Executive MBA courses is that you get to keep your job while pursuing this course. One can attend weekend classes or sessions after work.

4. There’s no age limit in EMBA. If you’re looking for experienced individuals sharing their valuable work knowledge, this course is the right place to be.

1. If you opt for a full time Executive MBA, your daily routine will be super packed as you’ve to travel directly from work to attend classes and that practically does not leave anytime for extracurricular activities. A necessary compromise for a year in our opinion.

2. Commuting can become an issue if the college is far off. So you will have to plan your commute timings accordingly.

3. Not all colleges offer Executive MBA programs compared to MBA courses. So it may be somewhat of struggle to find an institution offering EMBA that’s close to work or home.

4. A certain amount of recruiters think that EMBA is not adequate and will lack the knowledge that is provided by traditional MBA courses.

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