Comparing 1 Year Full Time MBA in India with a 1 Year MBA Course

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Comparing 1 Year Full Time MBA in India with a 1 Year MBA Course


We often observe professionals committing the mistake of focusing solely on the pros and cons of a part-time executive MBA degree with a full-time course before taking a decision. You should not ignore the fact that there are two types of full time courses — the conventional two year course and the 1 MBA degree. Read ahead for a brief comparison of a 1 year full time MBA in India with our one year program and also the answer to What is MBA?

Curriculum and Quality

The biggest advantage of a one year MBA degree is that it covers the same curriculum with the same depth and comprehensiveness as a conventional two year MBA degree. There is no significant difference in quality between a 1 year full time MBA in India and a 1 year degree.

Time Frame and Cost

The conventional 1 year full time MBA degree is spread over two years. The 1 year post graduate course, as the name suggests, allows you to acquire the qualification in a span of just 12 to 15 months. For an experienced individual who cannot afford to take a long break from his or her job, the latter option is obviously a better choice. The one year degree is cheaper by virtue of the fact that it can be completed in a shorter time frame.

Suitability of a 1 year full time MBA in India

The conventional 1 year full time MBA in India is suitable for students who want to complete their studies before entering the job market. Until the one year MBA program was introduced, even experienced individuals had no option but to take a two year break from their jobs. Today, those with four to five years of experience can obtain a Masters degree by opting for our shorter course.

Benefits of pursuing a 1 year full time MBA in India

In terms of benefits, the one year course offers more value primarily because it adopts a practical and applied approach. The experience of working in an organization for a few years will help you understand theoretical concepts and its implications in a much better manner.

The one year full time executive MBA in India scores over conventional options by offering better networking opportunities to its students. The one year course is relatively easier to apply, considering the fact that there is equal emphasis on academic as well as practical considerations during the selection process.

We strongly recommend experienced individuals seeking a MBA degree to consider the one year course. This option is definitely preferable to the conventional two year course, especially if you are working on a full time basis. Make sure you consider part-time and 1 year full time MBA in India, and further, the different types of full-time courses before taking a decision.

Conclusion -

After going through the above points, it's pretty sure that every doubt in your minds about 1 year full time MBA in India & how is it different from a 1 year course would have been solved.

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