Choosing an MBA Program

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Choosing an MBA Program


MBA programs are pursued by many as it helps hone the skills of an aspiring business leader. Subjects taught here are specially designed in attributing to qualities of creating an entrepreneur who contributes to the overall growth of an organization. The great thing about MBA is that studying the course is not restricted to a specific field, doesn’t matter if you’re an engineer or an arts graduate, if you want to pursue an MBA course, go for it.There are certain things to consider when opting for an MBA coming from a different field. This transition phase is vital as your future career depends on it. Keep the following things in mind while taking the big step –

Think about the change from your future employer’s perspective – Your previous experience will be considered irrelevant if it doesn’t match your MBA specialization. Think what after MBA will your future employer look for in your abilities.

Look for internship – Considering your previous job as irrelevant and the one year pgp courses you’re pursuing not offering internships, then it’s up to you to seek an internship. It’s important as this provide you with an insight of the industry and after completion of the course as an experience. Several organizations look for experience while recruiting an MBA graduate.

Stiff competition – After the completion of your course when you join a company based on your MBA degree expect stiff competition there. Your workforce will include MBA graduates(two year as well as one year mba) with years of experience, to reach that level you will need to put in extra effort and hard work. Career change is good but it’s not easy and you will have to work your way to the top.

Network – Communication always comes in handy; it’s the sign of a person with excellent managerial and entrepreneurial skills. As you’re the one with least experience talk to your peers and seniors in the organization and gain extra knowledge about the field.

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