Choosing an MBA over Other Management Courses in India

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Choosing an MBA over Other Management Courses in India


Post-graduate degrees have been known to help in the process of growing as a working professional. Today, employers in the management sector are seeking candidates who have more developed skills than under-graduates.

In response to this need, a number of management courses are now available. Here are four reasons why you should pick an one year MBA or a two year program over other courses:

Nature of Syllabus

Courses such as a Master’s in Management (MIM) are focused on building a solid academic background. They are more theoretical in nature.

An MBA, on the other hand, emphasizes the practical side of business management, and thus helps build skills that you may need in your day-to-day experience as a working professional.

A Master’s of Science (MSc) in subjects such as International Business Management is centered on lectures and seminars. On the other hand, as a student of business administration, you may look forward to building business models, in which you will need to apply the knowledge imparted to you in the classroom.

Classroom culture

Master’s courses are mostly populated by students who have just finished their under-graduate degrees. In an MBA classroom, you will meet people from different backgrounds, some of whom may be working professionals pursuing executive MBA courses. They may bring previous experiences and insights to class.

Preparation for Employment

Courses such as Post-graduate Diplomas in Management (PGDM) adopt a more specialized approach, delving deeply into one sub-field. One of the biggest merits of MBA courses in India is that they build a fundamental knowledge base of different spheres of business. Pursuing PGDM will make you well-suited to deal with specific problems, while the holistic solutions learnt from an MBA will teach you to deal with most business problems that come your way.

Job opportunities

MBA entrance exams are more competitive and the coursework is more rigorous than other Master’s courses. This will make you stand out in the job market.

While other Master’s courses are essentially a pursuit of knowledge, an MBA degree is meant for enhancement of leadership skills. The latter will make you eligible for new and more superior positions. The focused nature of other Master’s degrees may limit how much you may contribute to the overall growth of a company.

In the decision of MBA v/s Master’s in Management or other courses, choosing to pursue an MBA is a wiser choice, one that will turn you into an asset for any company that you decide to join.

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