Choose Colleges offering One Year PG Program

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Choose Colleges offering One Year PG Program

Importance of One Year PG Program -

One year PG program is designed to develop individuals with strength of character, subject specific competence and child-like enthusiasm. These are the three essential aspects for inspired leaders and the learning design in a one year pg program follows this construct. The exposure to the industry that comes along the one year pg program is unparalleled with individual mentors, leadership series, visiting faculty, internships and live projects.

As a student, you may have been thinking about What is MBA?

An MBA is one of the most prestigious degrees available in India and overseas. Perhaps you’ve heard about some of the MBA or any one year pg program and you’ve decided to take the next step. You’ve made a decision that will certainly give a boost to your career and change your life. With different types of MBA Colleges and one year PG program available across the country, it’s important for you to narrow down your choices in order to find the best fit.

Following are a few points that one can consider before choosing an MBA college that offers one year PG program:

Credibility of One Year PG Program-

There are many institutions in the country today that offer a one year program in management. Before taking a plunge, ascertain the credibility of the respective institution. Most preferably, a student should opt for a college which has been offering the course for a few years now and has been recognized countrywide.


Most institutions list down the name of faculty members and their qualifications on their respective websites. Take initiative and try to learn more about them. It can be difficult to trust the rankings of some of the colleges and their faculty information, because it is highly possible that some of them might have paid for it. Consult students who are already undertaking an MBA program from that institution. Existing students tend to give an honest feedback about the faculty members.


Choosing an MBA college for pursuing one year PG program is as good as choosing from a menu card. Aspiring MBA students have started giving more importance to brand name rather than the specialization or the course they want to pursue. It is important that students look what an institution can offer apart from the regular academic syllabus which every institution has to offer. Students need to ensure that the institution teaches them how to communicate with people in different situations, take responsibility and act like a leader.

Placement for students enrolling in a One Year PG Program-

Placement is probably the most important factor students must consider while deciding on a college. Often, placement can become students’ only deciding factor. Make sure you check the placement data put up on the college’s website. Students can get information from recently graduated batch to get better clarity about the placements. Institutions that offer a package with a decent ROI should be considered.

Any of the one year PG program should be carefully chosen keeping all the above mentioned parameters in mind to opt for the best MBA colleges.

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