Career Prospects of a MBA Graduate

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Career Prospects of a MBA Graduate


MBA programs are beneficial for your career; students who enroll for this course are trained in the practicality of a business environment and after completion step out as skilled professionals. Many MBA aspirants are working professionals and often it’s their company that sponsors for the course, given that they stay loyal to the company after their studies are completed. For service goers, who are not sponsored by their companies, there is a lot of job opportunities post the completion of their course. In a recent study, it was learnt that 90% of MBA professionals are now enjoying full time employment.

The most popular career pathways with MBA graduates are –

• Finance
• Accounting
• Human Resources
• Healthcare
• Marketing
• Education
• Management
• Sales
• Technology Management
• Product Management

Students who successfully complete their MBA course have an option to enter any of the fields specified above. As the student gains expertise and a lot of knowledge about the field, companies are more than glad to hire such employees. In addition, completion of any type of MBA course also results in a good pay package because the teachings of this subject are very important for a company to grow and the students who pass this course have already instilled the learning.

However, MBA are also of certain types – full time MBA( one year MBA & two year), part time MBA, executive MBA and so on. Certain MBA courses need a minimum of 2 years work experience whereas others require a minimum of graduation as eligibility.

Certain modules that students encounter on specialized and broad MBA courses are –

• Marketing
• Economics
• Quantitative Analysis
• Accounting

Higher Education degrees are widely available nowadays and a lot of businesses are welcoming employees with a greater amount of degrees and experiences. Students pursuing MBA in Gurgaon or Delhi - NCR regions have a better chance in accomplishing this as they are trained to excel in every aspect of the job they are looking for in the future.

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