Career Prospects after Completing Your MBA Education

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Career Prospects after Completing Your MBA Education


Management studies are the most popular of all programs among masters’ degrees, when it comes to Indian graduates. The Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDP) and One Year Executive MBA are the most sought after programs. Needless to say, the employment opportunities that follow are both financially, as well as professionally appealing.

Here are some of the popular career paths that you can pursue, after completing your PGDM or one year PGP.

  • Marketing Analyst

An important area of focus in PGDM and other MBA programs is marketing. With excellent communication and soft skills, MBAs are usually adept in business marketing. As a professional you would also be expected to develop and implement effective marketing strategies for your employers.

  • Financial Consultant

Managing the finances of a firm, so as to increase profits, is one of the primary areas of study in a management course. Naturally, a large number of MBA graduates tend to opt for this profile. Along with the theoretical and practical skills acquired during the program, you are expected to come up with spontaneous, yet reliable solutions to organize your clients’ finances.

  • Public Sector Jobs

Although most people may associate an MBA with a corporate setting, a PGDM or full-time Executive MBA in India is also suitable for many government job profiles. You may therefore be able to utilize your analytical and managerial skills for various domains in a public sector unit, including finance, human resources, and marketing.

  • Social Enterprises

For those who wish to work in the development sector, your management studies will enable you to contribute significantly in an administrative profile for non-governmental or non-profit organizations.

  • Education and Research

The domestic, as well as global markets are constantly evolving, with frequent changes in business models and trends. An academic research role allows you to not only study these changes, but also convey them to future candidates. The profile is generally available at management institutes offering PG programs in Delhi( one year MBA & two year) and other major cities.

  • Entrepreneurship

Many candidates enrolling in the PGDP and the One Year PG Programs in India do so with the aim of establishing their own firms. The programs give you ample training in crucial business skills, such as leadership, team-building, and execution.

Now that you have a better understanding of the career choices that open up with an MBA education, you can choose to enrol in one of the PG Programs in Delhi or in any of the other city in India.

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