Career Opportunities after MBA in Finance

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Career Opportunities after MBA in Finance


MBA in Finance is no easy course, think of it as a training for one of the most liable roles in the world.Yes, you will be handling the finances of the business and as everyone knows finances run an enterprice and you will be in charge of that. There are multiple of opportunities for finance grads and the reason for this magnetism is the various subjects taught to the students in the course of 2 years. They include corporate valuation, Investment management, Management control system, Taxation, Financial  statement, Tax planning, Analysis and reporting of financial services.

Career Growth

An MBA in Finance grad has ample of opportunities waiting around, all he needs to do is grab it. All of this because of the diverse skillset he possesses. There are thrilling careers in financial consultancies, financial institutions and banks. To be more specific, you can get into fields like merchant banking, investment and  consumer banking, international finance, corporate finance and institutional finance.  Once you build up your work experience then you can serve on government committees  and add your inputs to the policy-making issues. You can also provide consultation services  to government and corporate organisations.

Jobs after MBA in Finance

  • Accounting Manager
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Cash Managers
  • Manager Consultants
  • Investment Banking Associates
  • Credit Managers & Specialists
  • Financial Analyst
  • Corporate Controllers
  • Finance Officers & Treasurers
  • Insurance & Risk Managers
  • Investment Bankers
  • Investing Sales Traders & Associates


Lets talk the money, majorly the pay scale depends on the business school from where you are graduated. The greater the reputation of the b-school, better the pay package, also the financial guys have always got the creamier pay package even better than the marketing guys. Tier 1 colleges that include Top MBA colleges in India like IIMs, ISBs, SOIL and the likes provide financial students with placements  at an average of 10 - 15 lakhs per annum, quite a wealthy salary for a fresher. If you have work experience  and want to pursue a PGP course in finance then an executive MBA in India is the right fir for you . Its a one year MBA course and inculcates all of the teachings of the full time MBA, so if you're thinking of pursuing an MBA in Finance, go for it, the future looks amazingly bright for you.

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